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Perineoplasty in Miami, FL

Perineoplasty is a cosmetic and restorative treatment that tightens the area between the anus and the vaginal canal. Perineoplasty corrects abnormalities, irregularities, and tears in the perineum (commonly after childbirth).

The procedure tightens the vaginal wall by eliminating scar tissues, undesirable skin, and protrusions. Perineoplasty surgery’s cosmetic purpose is to boost women’s comfort and confidence.

While at your appointment, Dr. Rita Shats can help you decide if perineoplasty is best for you.

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What Are the Reasons for Getting a Perineoplasty?

A perineoplasty may be performed on a woman for medical or aesthetic reasons. You may choose perineoplasty for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You had ripping during labor, and it hasn’t healed nicely
  • You have vaginal laxity and a decrease in sexual desire as a result
  • You have noticed a difference in your bowel motions
  • You are experiencing persistent vaginal itching
  • You have “trigger points” that are uncomfortable when attempting to insert anything into the vaginal canal
  • You are still in pain after recovering from your delivery

Am I a Candidate for Perineoplasty?

Candidates for perineoplasty are women who:

  • Suffer from any of the above symptoms
  • Are in good health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are nonsmokers or willing to quit smoking before and after surgery

If a woman experiences vaginal childbirth after having a perineoplasty, the procedure’s outcomes may be affected. Therefore, perineoplasty should be done after having children. You should not reschedule the procedure if you are in discomfort.

Perineoplasty Benefits

Regain Sexual Sensation | Eliminate Any pain or Discomfort

How Is Perineoplasty Done?

Extra tissue is removed from the vaginal opening with a tiny incision. This will reduce the size of the vaginal opening and repair the muscular supportive tissues.

If the vaginal walls have distended, the procedure may be more comprehensive, and the pelvic physiology may need to be restored.

What Is Perineoplasty Recovery Like?

A perineoplasty procedure usually takes less than an hour to perform and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Following the procedure, you must follow the following instructions:

Refrain from sexual intercourse for six to eight weeks
Avoid all intense exertion and heavy lifting, even lifting a toddler
Use a donut cushion when you’re seated
Follow all recommendations provided by Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center

What Results Can I Expect From Perineoplasty?

A perineoplasty aims to fix existing problems so the individual can return to their pre-baby genital state. It also contracts the perineum, assisting women who have experienced vaginal laxity regain sexual sensation.

The perineoplasty should alleviate or eliminate any pain or discomfort you are feeling. Women might feel the effects of their perineoplasty procedure immediately after the procedure.

Interested in Perineoplasty in Miami, Fl?

You shouldn’t have to put up with discomfort or a lack of sexual desire due to a torn perineum. With a perineoplasty, you can reclaim the vagina you had before you had children. Call 954-507-6636 or use our online contact form to schedule your perineoplasty consultation at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center.

You can also learn more about our other sexual wellness surgeries, including labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and vaginoplasty.

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