Neck and Cheek Lift

Neck and Cheek Lift  is a complex procedure aimed at removing excess skin and fatty tissues of neck and face and strengthening the facial muscles. Neck and cheek lift restores the natural contour of the face and neck and makes them look much smoother and tighter. Today this type of plastic surgery is in great demand, especially among patients after 45.

Indications for Neck and Cheek Lift:

– skin sagging in the middle part of the face

– deep folds below the lower eyelids

– deep nasolabial folds

– skin sagging in the lower part of the face, so-called “bulldog cheeks”

– excess skin or superfluous fat deposits under the chin and lower jaw

– folds and wrinkles around the neck

–  general flabbiness of skin

Advantages of Neck and Cheek Lift

Unlike other methods of rejuvenation, neck and cheek lift surgery allows not only to improve the contour of the face and correct particular areas, but also eliminate deep wrinkles, skin sagging, excess tissue, second chin and other signs of aging. Neck and cheek lift surgery is performed in one procedure under general anesthesia, and you do not have to experience unpleasant sensations several times.

Every person wants to look young and beautiful as long as possible. Neck and cheek lift gives the opportunity to get rid of age-related changes and restore youthful looks of the face while retaining its individuality.

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