Breast Lift Miami – Mastopexy

A breast lift, otherwise called Mastopexy is a mammoplasty procedure performed to raise the breast by getting rid of excess skin after which the surrounding tissue is tightened, enabling a reshaped, firmer breast. The doctors performing breast lift surgery have a set goal of delivering excellent results while maintaining the least residual scar possible.

According to new statistics collected from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast lifts have become more popular than breast implants, growing to over 70% since the last data in 2000. This shows a leading ratio of 2:1 against breast implants.

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Undergoing a breast lift can give you a revamped, better-looking figure with a stunning, youthful looking breast profile. It’s noticeable to see a woman’s breasts changing over time. This change results in the loss of firmness and their youthful shape. The loss of skin elasticity of breasts and can be a result of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight Fluctuations
  • Heredity
  • Gravity

Who can benefit from a breast lift Miami?

Unlike breast augmentation which aims to restore breast fullness or enhance the overall look of the breast, breast lift takes a different approach. Therefore, a breast lift is beneficial to a different category of people such as those who are:

  • Lacking breast firmness

  • Experiencing excess sagging of the breast

  • Lacking skin elasticity

  • Experiencing nipple ptosis

Undergoing Breast Lift Miami Surgery

Qualified patients are welcomed to have their procedure carried out at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center. Correction of the lack of elasticity of the breast and the reposition of the nipple requires delicate surgical procedures involving incisions. For breast lift surgery, an incision around the nipple area is required. This incision can either be circumferential or partial. For nipple ptosis, elevation of the nipple is required and this involves making a vertical incision. After carrying out incisions, the breast is given a better shape and position by taking out some glandular tissue and skin and then sutured.

After Surgery

After a successful mastopexy surgery, a tape or gauze is used to cover all sutures and incisions. Patients at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center are provided with a special bra which is to be worn all through the recovery period. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal to experience at this time, but the pain would be numbed with medications.

There would be noticeable scars after a successful breast lift surgery but not to worry, they’ll flatten out. However, they are permanent scars even though they fade over time. This is why patients are asked to consider their options before undergoing breast lift surgery. Other possible risks one might encounter include loss of nipple sensation. You can reach out to one of the doctors at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center for further discussion of the benefits, risks, and cost of breast lift in Miami surgery during your consultation.

Be informed that breast lift surgery would not significantly alter the size of your breasts or make the upper part “round.” If you are interested in a fuller looking breast, a breast lift augmentation with implants should be considered.

If you are interested in reducing your breast size, consider having breast reduction surgery.