Breast Lift with Implants Miami – Breast Surgery Procedures

Breast lift with implants is a surgical procedure that involves raising the breasts by getting rid of excess skin from the breasts and utilizing implants to tighten and restructure the breast. Also called mastopexy with augmentation, this procedure is aimed at correcting breast sagging, as well as increasing the breast size

Statistical data gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicate that since 2000, breast lifts has grown by over 70% and has become widely practiced.

Breast lift with implants involves the use of implants being surgically placed in either the sub-glandular or submuscular position of a patient’s body, after which breast lift surgery is performed.

Who is qualified to undergo Breast Lift with Implants?

Mastopexy with augmentation is beneficial for women with absence of breast volume and serious breast sagging. The doctors at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center has highlighted occasions when breast lift augmentation with implants is required. The below-generalized set of rules should serve as a pointer:

  • If there is sufficient breast size and volume, it’s usually advisable to opt for breast lift alone.
  • If there’s sufficient breast position, but size and volume are absent, breast augmentation is required.
  • If there’s deficient fullness, breast size, and position, breast lift with implants is the best solution to give the breasts a firm, improved appearance.

Undergoing Surgery

The doctors at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center perform breast lift with implants surgery for patients interested in having firmer and better-looking breasts. The surgery requires either a circumferential or a partial incision made around the nipple.In many cases, a vertical incision might be required – this is mostly the case when elevating the nipple is essential. Once the incisions are made, removal of a certain amount of glandular tissue and skin are in order, the breast is then sutured to have a better shape and position.

Placement of breast implants can be undertaken in many ways, but what’s common with all placement methods is the need for an incision which gives the surgeon access to the breast. At Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center, our doctors utilize the periareolar incision which cuts around the nipple to place the implant for a breast lift with augmentation surgery.

After the Breast Lift Surgery

  • Recovery period for each standalone procedure is 1 – 2 weeks, but when combined there might be a need for longer recovery time.
  • at Plus Cosmetic Surgery Center, Hollywood, Florida our patients are provided with a special bra to be worn all through the recovery period.

Are you planning to undergo breast lift with impalnts in Miami? Please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.